Melillo Jackets

Melillo started back in 1970 as spin off from MTS: an historic Italian group specialised in the supply of jackets and coats to some of the most high end and demanding fashion brands. Melillo 1970 could then focus entirely to the production of Bespoke and MTM of jackets and coats using the acquired experience and network in the years

Melillo1970 has been working behind the scenes of many tailors, high end boutique and corporate clients crafting fine jackets and coats. Pinnacle of the company is the processing of checked fabrics which requires particular skills especially during the cutting of the patterns and the composition of the jacket/coat.

Melillo1970 is capable to work fully in-house from CAD development for Bespoke and MTM to the final ironing phase. The entire production cycle is thoroughly guided, controlled and supervised by experienced and specialized technicians.

The cutting room can count on skilled staff members who ensure the highest standard of quality. Melillo 1970 is also equipped with a spreading line and a sophisticated cutting machine to work with every type of fabric.

The pressing room, at the end of the process, has different ironing and pressing machines for different types of items and fabrics.