Fralbo shirts

Anna Barone was born in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio in February 1913.

Her mother was a tailor and this triggered Anna’s passion for shirts, to the point that in 1933, she decided to open a small made to measure shirt store.

Anna starts crafting what we would call today a Tailored Shirts: entirely made by hand, using first class fabrics and striving to give a perfect fit. She used to say, in fact that the shirt should feel a second skin.

During the following years Anna’s daughter passed through the legacy of her mother to the two sons Francesco and Alessandro. She thoroughly taught the sons how to make a shirt following the same instructions and secrets of their grandmother.

Francesco and Alessandro took over this tradition, setting up a small Atelier and modernising certain production steps thanks to nowadays technology. In this time Fralbo brand born: “Francesco Alessandro Boccia”.

Francesco and Alessandro’s dream was to make a shirt exactly as her grandmother used to do and after several years of testing and continuous improvements they have finally achieved it.

Fralbo made possible to craft the excellence of the shirt. Cut by hand, geometric simmetry to fit perfectly. No glue to keep the comfort at its peak and using top level fabrics.

Just like a second skin…